Sights in Limburg

The castle of Horn

Limburg is a province in the south of the Netherlands and is known for its beautiful scenery, historic cities and rich culture. Therefore, there is plenty to see and experience in this province.

Wind or water mill 

Limburg has a rich history of wind and water mills that were powered by the province's many streams and rivers. Although many of these mills have disappeared or have been converted, some can still be visited, such as the Voorste Luysmolen in Bocholt and the Sint-Annamolen in Weert. These mills are wonderful examples of artisanal craftsmanship.

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Limburg has several interesting museums, such as the Limburgs Museum in Venlo, which highlights the history and culture of the province. There is also the Museum Peel en Maas in Helden, which lets you experience the 1992 earthquake. The War Museum in Overloon gives an impressive picture of World War II.

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Castle castle or manor houses

Limburg is rich in magnificent castles, noble fortresses and beautiful country houses dating back to the Middle Ages. Many of these impressive buildings are well preserved and can of course be visited. In this overview you will discover all castles, castles and manors in this region.

Overview castles, manors and mansions

Castle castle or manor houses

Industrial heritage 

Limburg is full of industrial heritage. These material remnants of industrial society can be found in well-preserved factory buildings and hydroelectric power stations, among other things. In this overview you will find all the industrial heritage in our area.

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Industrial heritage 


Limburg has a rich history of church building, ranging from medieval Romanesque and Gothic churches to modern architectural masterpieces. Well-known examples are the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Munsterkerk in Roermond and the Basilica in Sint-Odiliënberg.

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Sightseeing overview

In this overview you will find all places of interest in Limburg. Discover here all mills, castles, manors, religious buildings, industrial heritage and monuments in the region.

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People sitting on the terrace in Roermond