Culture in National Park De Meinweg

Cultuurwandeling in Nationaal Park De Meinweg
Meinweg 2
6075 NA

Guided Tours

National Park De Meinweg is known for its flora and fauna. But hidden in amongst the beautiful nature, are many cultural traces. Together with the VVV tour guide you will go in search of the culture of the National Park De Meinweg

De 'IJzeren Rijn' (literally translates into Iron Rhine) was the railway line that connected the city of Antwerp with the German hinterland. This railway line ran right through the National Park. The remains are still clearly visible.
The Second World War also left its marks on the landscape. If you know what to look for, they too are clearly visible.
In 1909 the monastery St. Ludwig opened its doors. This monastery with boarding school for boys was run by Franciscan monks. The monks are long gone and the monastery is no longer there. But traces of their presence can still be found.
National Park De Meinweg borders Germany, ideal for smugglers. Smuggling was therefore a common way of making extra money. And not only by adults. Children too have earned quite a bit of extra cash this way!
This and much more will be highlighted during this tour.

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