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48 hours in the Heart of Limburg

48 hours in Limburg

Planning a two-day trip to Limburg? DIscover the nicest and most beautiful places in Limburg. 

Day 1: out and about with the kids

09:00 Walking along wooden paths

Start your trip with a visit to National Park De Groote Peel. In this nature reserve you hike through a vast and watery area on beautiful wooden paths. While hiking you will spot special bird species and discover the past of the peat extraction where this region was famous for. Various routes have been marked out in the area. There is even a gnome trail. Ideal for young children!

National Park De Groote Peel

12:30 Lunchtime

After a brisk morning walk, it's time to recharge. In Limburg, you can find many nice and cosy lunch spots. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee or fresh ginger tea, you are still reminiscing about all the beauty you saw this morning. Fancy the soup of the day or a club sandwich? 

Lunchrooms in Limburg

14:00 Indoor activities

In autumn, the weather in Limburg is quite erratic, to say the least. That's why you’ve planned a fun indoor activity. From laser gaming, playing a game of pool, visiting an interactive museum to bubbling in an indoor swimming pool. 

Find here indoor activities

19:00 Dinner and a movie

After an active day, relax in a comfortable chair. That sounds lovely, doesn't it? Go to the cinema and enjoy a fun, exciting or romantic film. At many cinemas, you can have a tasty snack before the film so that's convenient! 

Cinemas in Limburg

22:00 Time to go to bed

After a fun day in Limburg, it's time to crawl into bed. Limburg has plenty of hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks to choose from. But you can also opt for a special location. Are you adventurous? Spend the night in a tree house or a heated Mongolian yurt. Do you prefer luxury? Then an overnight stay in a castle is the place to be!

Special overnight stays

Day 2: taste the most delicious local produce

09:00 Walk through a unique terraced landscape

No we don't mean a landscape full of cosy terraces. We're talking about National Park De Meinweg. In this area, the landscape was formed in a distant past by the Rhine and Meuse rivers. The total difference in height between the three terraces in the area is 50 metres! Unique in the Netherlands.
Via the extensive network of hiking nodes, you can take fantastic walks in the area.  

Hiking routes

12:30 Buying regional products

A visit to Limburg is not complete without eating a piece of flan. Or how about buying a nice souvenir to take home? In Limburg, you will find several nice specialty shops that are worth a visit. You will also find regional products and a lot of information for your trip at the local Tourist Information shops. 

Local shops

13:30 Shopping

Vintage treasures, handy gadgets or designer clothes? In Limburg, you'll find it all. In Designer Outlet Roermond, you can shop for top brands in over 185 shops. In the historical city centre, on the other hand, you will find unique boutiques. But you can also enjoy shopping in Weert, Panningen and Venray. 

18:00 Culinary delights

The evening has arrived. Time for a delicious dinner. Do you prefer a restaurant with a Michelin star, a cosy brasserie or a restaurant with a view of the river Maas? The choice is vast. But we have made it simple. Browse the restaurants and choose your preferred location. This way you quickly get a clear overview of the restaurants nearby.