Route planner in Limburg


Route planners in Limburg

This route planner offers routes for walking, horse riding, mountain biking and sailing. Quickly and easily put together your route based on junctions or choose the most beautiful, existing routes.

You can print out the route data, save it, use it on your phone or tablet, share it with other users, download it, and if you plan a route on your smartphone, you can start it right away.

Hiking route planner

There are countless walking routes in Limburg, but perhaps you would like to draw up your own plan and put together your own route. That is possible with the walking route planner. This way you determine the distance and the surroundings of your walk. 

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Cycle route planner

Limburg is the province for cycling. The varied landscape of water, forests and hills ensures that you never get bored. Put together a nice tour yourself with the bicycle route planner.

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Mountain bike route planner 

Limburg is one of the best regions in the Netherlands for mountain biking. With its rolling landscape, vast forests and picturesque villages, Limburg offers a great mix of challenging routes and breathtaking scenery. With the mountain bike route planner you can use the most beautiful routes in Limburg.

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Cycle racing route planner

One of the most picturesque and hilly provinces in the Netherlands, Limburg offers an array of wonderful cycling routes. With its rolling hills, winding roads and stunning views, it is a perfect destination for cyclists looking for a challenge.

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Equestrian route planner

With the rider route planner you can create your own riding or driving route. So you can make a beautiful round through Limburg. Also check out the beautiful existing routes or use them as inspiration for your own route. You will also find tips for horse-friendly places to stay and rest.

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Sailing route planner

Enjoy the peace and quiet on the water in Limburg. The sailing route planner shows you all the nice routes on the Maas and the Maas lakes. On both waterways, you can enjoy sailing and nature. Before you go, read the route information for the sailing route you have selected, so that you are well prepared for the water.

Sailing route planner